Konark time-travel machine

Time-Travel to the past will be more helpful to regain lost information & lost witnesses / evidences / proofs. Please visit my on going campaign on: https://gogetfunding.com/konark-time-travel-machine/


By applying Einstein’s Space-time on our Earth we can imagine the mentioned diagram:


Explanation of the above diagram:  
The diagram shows there is a relation between today’s time & yesterday’s time as the earth leaves it’s traces behind, this is the way where we can enter into the time to the past.
  As there is a similarity between today’s & yesterday’s earth we can easily enter into the time with the help of wormhole which can be constructed by using the magnets in different shapes
For example: If we start the ‘Konark time-travel machine’ exactly at today’s time at 6 AM we will reach the past time on the mentioned date & year at exactly 6 AM where we can watch the past situation / incident & we can come back to the present time vice-versa.


Features, Architecture & Intellectual Property:


Features, Architecture & Intellectual Property (Wormhole Generator Design):


Features, Architecture & Intellectual Property (Electro Magnetic Waves working through Wormhole):

Business Model:

Estimated invention, research & development cost & time required:   Rupees 50 Lakhs to 1 Crore.

Time: less than 5 years

Development roadmap:
After invention, in order to control the cost of the product I will do research on getting the high quality materials,
equipments & necessary accessories at low price where the product can be sold for high price & my company can make huge profits over the same.

My plan to make money:
My plan is to demonstrate this product to the media where customer likes to buy this product.  After, we get a huge requirement we will fix a price such that my company can make good profits by selling this product.

Pricing my product:  
After product development I will fix the price between Rs.30-50 Lakhs. If the demand is more I will increase the price. Incase, the demand is less I will add some more features to the product so that customer should show his interest towards buying this product.

Reaching out my consumers & delivery of  my product to them: 
My plan is to appoint distributors in every country. Initially, I will use the established currently involved in distribution of computers. I will show the demonstration of this product on all major TV channel programs like Teleshopping network, Home Shop 18 etc.,

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