HashMyBag is a secured business chat application connecting stores with their customersThe app lists all stores in a searchable catalogue using which customers can connect with their favorite stores.

Interact with businesses directly through secure private chats. This is the next generation customer relation building platform with an inbuilt purchase through chat option integrated.

Merchant Web App gives businesses an intuitive dashboard which organizes all user interactions in an easily accessible manner. The app allows merchants to instantly connect with their existing or new customer database, send new offers or announcements,With a comprehensive reporting functionality, merchants can easily keep track of account performance and ROI.

Intuitive Dashboard
The dashboard organizes all user interactions into an easily-accessible interface to send new streams, unread customer notifications and analytics overview detailing on store performance and sales ROI.

Instant Messaging
Escape competition and get in touch with your customers in the most direct and personal manner. Publish streams to existing or new customer database at a time and promote offers and announcements instantly!

Comprehensive Analytics
Get real-time tracking on the number of new subscriptions, store performance analysis and sales record keeping and much more. Interactive analytics widgets, make way for easy understanding.

Easily install the HMB app with a onetime registration process to connect with your favorite stores & friends on the go.

Fine tune the kind of notifications & streams you would like to receive from your subscribed stores by turning on & off topic-based streams

Start Chatting
Start chatting with your favorite stores, stay updated on all the latest streams, news, offers and announcements!