Julius caesar in ariminum

To publish a book bilingual (Eng and Ita) on Julius Caesar in Rimini and his crossing of the Rubicon: this event changed the world

I'm an Italian archaeologist and I've published many academic works and books in Italy: see www.academia.edu. Since 2010, I’ve organized three Julius Caesar exhibitions and I published a catalog of the first exhibitions. The first took place in Rimini, and the others in Savignano sul Rubicone and Cesena, where documents and testimonials gave proof of Julius Caesar’s passing through of each town and of the crossing of the Rubicon. But the question is, which one of the current day rivers was the Rubicon at that time? The Pisciatello-Urgon of Cesena, the Fiumicino of Savignano or the Uso near Rimini?  

The interest surrounding this figure and the event of the crossing of the Rubicon, not only by the Italian press, but especially by the English one, has prompted me to start - in the 400th anniversary of William Shakespeare's - this Kickstarter campaign. I’m asking for your help to publish my book on Julius Caesar in Rimini, which will be bilingual (Italian and English), so that the results of my research carried out during the past six years, can be made known to as many people as possible. The title of the book will be Giulio Cesare a Rimini: l'evento che cambiò il mondo; the English title will most likely be, Julius Caesar in Rimini: the history changer, but the last word goes to Stefano Lunedei, who will be the official translator of my book.