JJ's Cakes

Jitha has innovations in everything she does, with customizations of designs to the requirement of the customer as well as customising flavours too. Her Belgian dark chocolate cake and Orange-Raisin with cream cheese frosting excels in the menu as her signature creation. She started her cake business when she fell in love with a white cake at La Opera, Qatar. Her mother’s baking skills and her Book of recipes gave the steer to her passion which was in hibernation.

“Crafting with the finest ingredients and ‘the feel at home’ with customizations of designs and flavours are what I primarily focus in my work” as the lively baker puts it. Her FB page JJ’s Cakes showcases her work in colour and grandeur. Her concept of dessert table along with crafted thematic decor has caught the attention among the crowd. Her dessert table at birthdays and baptisms has been a popular hit with the horde of  goodies including cakes, cupcakes, shot puddings, Jello-o-shots, cake pops, cake balls, rock candies, cookies, pretzels, marsh pops, cake in a jar, mocktails etc. The grandeur of the table is enhanced by the handcrafted decor, candles, frames, thematic props that match the setting. This young entrepreneur with her excellent communications skills adds to colour to her events by being an MC too.

She owes her banner of success to her son Jaeden who is the biggest inspiration as it's his sweet tooth which drives her into creating, crafting and developing new edibles. She is excited about 2016 when she claims 2015 as ‘the year of returning customers’."