The cake affair

There is no greater love than the love for Food !

How it all started
I would bake for my friends and family. They encouraged me to start selling my cakes from home. In 2013, I launched The Cake Affair.   I created a Facebook and an Instagram page and displayed my creations and orders followed. 
Best-selling cakes:
“The best seller has to be the Red velvet cupcakes.  Ferrero Rocher & the Kitkat cake is another birthday favorite.  I experiment with different designs and design cakes as per the client’s likes and specifications.  How I add uniqueness to the products
Most of my recipes are self-created and improvised.  I am a member of certain cookery blogs and get inspiration from them.  Trying out different techniques and various ingredients imparts uniqueness to my recipes.
Achievements: I was featured in a leading newspaper and magazine in Bahrain as a young entrepreneur. I was fortunate enough to meet Chef Kunal Kapoor and have him taste my creations in a cookery competition held in Bahrain. I won the cookery competition held at SP Jain Austrailia. 
Future Plans
I would love to open my café that has my creations. It would be a place where people can relax, distress and ofcourse try my creations.