The current record set by South Africa in April 2015 stands at 3377square meters and Subashri and her team hope to break this record.

The Group "Mother India's Crochet Queens" set up in August 2015, by Subashri comprises of nearly a 1000 Indian women from all parts of the world all aged between 8 years to 85 years, all sharing the same passion for crochet.

A Facebook page by the same name has been created and is already garnering interest amongst Indian women crocheters all sharing the same ambition to achieve something and put India on the International map.

Whatsapp groups have been created Area Wise spanning all parts of India, to the USA, Gulf, Europe,Australia etc and Area Wise co- ordinators are working hard at keeping a track on the numbers. It is indeed a joint effort of all these remarkable women who believe that nothing is impossible if you believe in it.

While work is already underway where making the blankets is concerned the group is now looking at getting sponsors for the finale event to be held in Chennai on the 26thJan 2016, wherein Guinness officials will fly down from London to measure the blanket and officially bestow upon the group the title of the Worlds Largest Crochet Blanket by a Participating Group.


For more information on this remarkable group do visit their facebook page https://www.facebook.com/groups/468779636631544/permalink/468780829964758/

Subashri Natrajan can be contacted on 9444403980