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The World Startup Expo is calling all young masterminds to come and be a part of the most versatile tech and innovation platform in India. WSE is organizing this just for the young and the brilliant minds in the country. The IoT-based competition specifically features wearable technologies.  Your innovation can be any wearable gadget or a wearable device that may or may not be synced with smart phones or tablets. So if you have a prototype or an idea or a concept of for the next big thing, don’t hesitate to take part in the Wear IT challenge. You might even win a chance to build your very own piece of technology!

The competition is exclusively for the students who wish to share their ingenious inventions or over the top ideas and concepts.  If you fit this description then this opportunity is yours. 


It’s simple, all you need to do is send in your pitch deck /Business Proposal of the on or before October 21st, 2016. We do accept video entries too. In case of videos it should not exceed duration of 3 mins.  You are allowed to present your entries using any one of the means or do a combination.  For a pitch deck /pitch presentation/project proposal, an ideal presentation should include the following:
1.    A Title
2.    Executive Summary
3.    Problem
4.    Solution
5.    Market Validation (optional )
6.    Product
7.    Business Model (Optional)
8.    Competition (optional)
9.    Competitive Advantage (Optional)
10.    Team  

Presentations need not be too lengthy, but, has to be self-explanatory, concise, yet not missing out on important details. For PPT’s the number slides should be kept under 30. Submissions may be entered by a single student or a team/ group of students no exceeding 5 member limit. For the sake of this document let’s call participants and teams.

This particular competition is meant only for students hence all participants / teams an ongoing graduate of post grate of any certified institution/Polytechnic/college/University.  You should possess a valid student ID card (if the institution does not issue ID cards, a letter from the Headmaster confirming your studentship would suffice) of the institution you come from. Participants/ teams are allowed to enter multiple projects for this competition. Participants should be below the age of 25 years. 

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Compaign 1 1


All applicants will be evaluated by a team of expert judges. The Judges will select the best 10 applicants to be the winners of the competition. The winners will be announced on the 10th November, 2016. The winners will get a chance to present their pitch at WSE’s platform and also win free tickets to the World Startup Expo. For exceptional projects, we will give the rare opportunity of having your own exhibit space, absolutely free of cost. You will receive the opportunity pitch to international investors yourselves and may get the once in a lifetime opportunity to turn your ideas into a reality! You will also have access to conferences led by globally acclaimed Tech entrepreneurs, participate in interactive sessions, ask questions, and share your views. You will also be allowed to take part in startup workshops and talk sessions and much more fun await you. The free tickets will be provided to your entire team not exceeding above 5 persons. 



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