The AirMeLive Advantage! - Why it is great idea to showcase your work and network on AirMeLive


Jul 26, 2016

Build, develop, share whatever may be that makes you unique or whatever it is you enjoy doing the most because, we are all about talents and creativity.
We are hosting the ideal talent platform online for all those brilliant minds and creative souls from diverse backgrounds; from technology to tap dancing, from masterpieces using colors to masterpieces using puff pastry, to innovative web designs or yummy food recipes online. There is a place for everybody.

AirMeLive is providing the perfect launch pad and talent portfolio online, that lets you share your work in one versatile rostrum where talent is connected and aired in the digital world creating some really unique opportunity, even careers!

The Best Crowdsharing Platform Around

Leverage the power of crowd sharing for every work you upload. Grow your audience in a remarkable way and showcase your work to a larger crowd as you go on. Promote your AirMeLive profile on your personal artist website if you have one and even on social networking platforms like Facebook. You will be able to see the number of hits and views you get on each of projects. Engage with other artists too, it will help build your network. Browse projects and spread the encouragement. Follow artists, give feedbacks, (get some too) be a curator yourself and keep the ball rolling. You will be amazed by the amount engagement generated once you begin to actively use and promote your AirMeLive Portfolio.

We give you complete control over you projects. You could kickstart a social media /digital campaigning of your own, get some love from friends and family too and get from random people too. You decide the momentum.  

Open A World of Opportunities

We are on a serious mission to empower the creative and make success stories. A lot of companies hunt for talent and explore work online and so it’s important to have a presence where companies come look for talents.  We work incessantly to connect talent with opportunities so all the effort and time you invest become truly rewarding worthwhile.

 A Few Tips To Help You

Upload your best works; publish great projects while you are at it. Remember you are showing your work for the world to see. They will see it, yes; and they are also going to review your work too. You would want everybody to see you best pieces when they are scrutinizing.

  • Make your portfolio look amazing. A good presentation never fails to leave behind  a good impression. Introduce your projects well. Back it up with enough images, sketches maybe, videos, anything that makes it look interesting. But avoid cluttering. Go for a well arranged and interesting presentation.
  • Actively promote and actively engage.  Keep your profile well maintained and updated.
  • Finally, keep your cool on and be inspired and share some too; It will make you feel empowered already!

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