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Take out your magical wands and bring to life your creativity at AirMeLive. We believe that no talent should go unnoticed and be it Music, Art, Literature, Cinema, Cooking or what may. With more than 15 categories, find the opportunity and support you need to make your ideas, come into reality!

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AirMeLive is a team of a great group of inspired geeks surrounded by thought proving thoughts and a will notice the unnoticed. Our universal office expands over the globe with millions of people from around the world chipping into AirMeLive.

If you are a perfectionist who wants to make all the right steps to making it big in a diverse world, AirMeLive gives you just that.

We give all our designers and creators complete control over their projects. AirMeLive does all it can to get it universal exposure.

Most talented are not always the ones you see in the limelight. Better talents perhaps never got stage to perform

-A brilliant Geek
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Do business with AirMeLive

Our intentions are genuine and for the same reason are our strategies. We wish to make the most out of great ideas that can do wonders in this world! With ideas and projects pooling in from across the world, our platform can be your scoop of versatility. Sponsor a campaign and join hands with us to run a contest and make the most out of it. Help us nurture new sprouts by giving them sky high opportunities and your support will only make our dreams a step closer to it.


There is no cost involved in signing-up with AirMeLive. Our services are absolutely free of cost.

By entering contest/campaign on AirMeLive, you can win recognition, better opportunities and money too. Being an international platform, share your work for worldwide exposure. Different contests and campaigns have different goals and prizes based on their popularity and participation level.

We do accept all kinds of entries that fall under our 15 accepted categories. No entry will be rejected because we did not like it. However, AirMeLive will screen projects , which is a quick check to make sure the project meets our rules before submission.

Yes, you can enter as many contest/campaign as you want. You can submit either existing projects (from your library) or new entries. However, projects that have been submitted to one contest/campaign will not be accepted into another.

Our Contests/campaigns is one of its kind. We have no "know-it all" judges running in the back-end. It’s a full on one-on-one interaction of the candidate and the viewer. We let you take full advantage of all you social media contacts and put every viewer in the judge’s chair.

Surely. Make full use of the social media platforms and get maximum engagement happening on your entry.

Try to get as much engagement happening on your submission using your social media pages. Share your project on all platforms to let as many know about your project as possible.